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  1. I tried using my DT25 head together with OX and they did not play nicely at all together I'm afraid. This was before the latest OX update with the new cabs but I do remember being very disappointed! Maybe I'll give it another go but currently just using DT25 at home in LVM - much better.
  2. OK I did a factory reset and now it's fine... picked up the tip from another thread. edit - just playing around with it, I discovered it was the mic emulation that was off! I can't believe how much the sound relies on it... incredible.
  3. Hi guys, I'm trying to do some quiet recording using the emulated out (in LVM) and it sounds absolutely terrible, like a badly clipping DI. My first thought was that the cabinet modeling was not enabled, but when I select it on the DT customizer software it does seem to be coming on, but not improving the sound. There's plenty of headroom on my mic input, the levels are fine. I've also tried different models/settings and restarting the amp. The amp sounds perfectly normal and great through a cab, the problem is just with the emulated out. I have used it before with no problem and can't understand what the problem could be. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Help! (clip attached) dt25 emulated.mp3
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