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  1. I building my home studio and I'm buying the presonus interface Studio 192 using it with Studio One as my DAW. I want to start recording guitar parts to send them to professional projects. I have the idea that having a decent interface is going to sound better that just connecting my pod to the computer through usb. Do I need to download the ASIO drivers if I'm going to record through a decent interface like the one I mentioned before. I'm open to suggestions on how to recording in a professional level with the pods like the x3 live particularly. I've been playing live with the pod x3 live for 8 years connecting directly to the mixer and I have a good sound. I have a hot rod deluxe amp too.
  2. Ok, thanks for all the information! Cheers
  3. Thanks very much for your answer! I will try connecting the pedal through usb and download the ASIO driver and see how it sounds. I play live for most of the time without an amp and for that cause I think maybe my settings will sound better right now connecting directly through usb. But I guess I have to try miking the amp also and see how it sounds better. Have you tried connecting the pedal to the computer through an interface using the xlr output of the pedal and comparing the sound quality vs USB? cause I have read that some people have problems through usb connection like latency. I m kind in a rush cause have to record some parts for a single of my own in a professional studio in the next few days and they think that the best way to record guitars is always through an amp, maybe cause the aren't fans of digital stuff. So I have to find the best way before they end changing my settings and sound for their prejudice that analog is always better... cause I really like my sound and even think is better than the mayority of people that I've met that use analog pedals
  4. Hi, I want to start recording in a professional level and I've been using this pedal for 8 years a I have a decent live sound just connecting directly to a console through a xlr. I want to upgrade later maybe with a helix, but for now that s what I have. I feel a little bit out of date and I will appreciate a lot if you guys help how to best record in this pedal to send my audios to a professional studio. One of my questions related to this is if I have to buy an interface to get a better sound. What I have right now is Studio One for the DAW, with a mac book air, usa telecaster guitar and a hod rod deluxe amp. If you guys can give a list of things to do It will be awesome, cheers
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