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  1. hi I can't understand some thing why all the equipment that got HD Ver. have less models than a previous Ver. for exempel: JTV 89F-- in 1.90 ver. there was a hollow body t-models and other types of special but in HD update the hollow body is gone. POD X3 LIVE -- the models that in there is different from ones that in HD500. Are they not worly enough to be included or some thing? Please explain it to me? thanks
  2. i don't see the point of it in JTV because in variax you can make all the alt. tunning with out changing a tune of guitar itself. by the way I have copel of Variax guitar like JTV89F and Variax 700 and no meter if i play leed or solo i don't need to tune it very often.
  3. google50002

    New Pickup Models

    sorry i meant 59 not 59p
  4. google50002

    New Pickup Models

    and i have an other question why I can't change the root of wiring in the Workbench? I would like to have an option to peke rooting by myself like in :Gibson Jimmy Page Les Paul Signature Is there any way to make it done? thanks.
  5. google50002

    New Pickup Models

    hi the 59p, has the same pickups as 89-89f?
  6. Hi every one. I would like to know if there be a new pickup models in other fw for jtv? I think that There a lot of old and new type of pickup models that would sound fantastic on this guitar. Thanks.
  7. google50002

    Version 2.0 Hd Update

    Like you know in new HD firmware you have only Based on* 1960 Fender® Telecaster® Custom model and in 1.90 you have Based on 1960 Fender Telecaster Custom Based on 1968 Fender Telecaster Thinline Based on modified 1968 Fender Telecaster In Variax 700 I had a patches for this 2 models that i use in gigs and recording but now i can't use them. So I'd like to know if thous models will come back? thanks.
  8. google50002

    Version 2.0 Hd Update

    You cant use old workbench with HD. As far as i know.
  9. google50002

    Version 2.0 Hd Update

    Hi I would like to know something.i bought JTV89F Guitar and updated it to HD models but when I look in to workshop i show that T-Models are only one type and what I liked to know is why? and what about other types?Do they appear in latest ver.? P.S. In ver. 1.90 this models are present thanks.