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  1. Lemme start off by saying I play mostly metal. (and most of its subgenres) For me, 1 signal chain always sounded a bit weak. But using 2 tones, panning one to the left and one to the right.... That can produce wanders. Try it for yourself and you will see. Experiment. Using 2 tones always sounds sweeter than using 1, especially if you pan them properly.
  2. Thank you guys. Hmm, what do you mean try with a normal USB 2.0 cable? You mean I should try plugging my POD x3 with a usb 2.0 cable onto the USB 3.0 port of my computer? TheRealZap said there aren't any benefits in doing this and there's even been opposite results so I'd rather not, if that's what you meant.
  3. So I've been wondering. I heard that the USB 3 technology has 10 times faster transfer rates than USB 2. And I can't help but wonder, is it possible that if I buy a USB 3 cable (can it be hooked on the POD x3?), and then connect my POD with the PC on a USB 3 port, do I get even shorter latency? Or is this not possible at all?
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