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  1. You will probably know that Robert Fripp is left handed, but taught himself to play right handed for the reasons you mention, and also to apply his skilful hand to the fretboard.
  2. Sorry; I'm new to this Forum. Being a lefty I learned loads of stuff on right handed guitars before being able to play a lefty model. Some of Alex Lifeson's chords are easier upside down! Once you get the idea that it's all about patterns and all you have to do is flip that pattern over you'll appreciate that Jimi Hendrix would have had no trouble playing a guitar strung the wrong way round. Advanced chord work and fingerstyle playing would be very tricky but power chords and lead lines would be achievable.
  3. ? I've had a left-handed 500 for well over 10 years! Unless I'm mistaken and it's not a 500. Is there any way I can determine which model it is?
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