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  1. psanchez, Perhaps you need to update the firmware. The original was notorious for connectivity issues.
  2. Well, it is much like writing for windows. The OS creates the uniform environment with which to write.
  3. While not an unusual way to change or enhance the tone on a tube amp, is swapping the 12" Celestion speaker for an Eminence or Weber (perhaps a more efficient model) pausable? I had read an Amazon review, with someone raving about such a move.
  4. Only with the short board (or through the IOS device), correct?
  5. It is not that difficult to develop cross platforms. It has been done regularly between the three main platforms. If there is an issue, often is has to do with licencing and exclusivity.
  6. Indeed, but like I said, having an IOS7 or 8 device becomes an additional cost, unless you already own one.
  7. The majority of tube amp players have a pedal board with numerous boxes. I do not believe it is proper to compare them to channels. In this day and age, it is odd to have computer memory limit to only 4 presets.
  8. Never mind... I found it!
  9. I am new to the amplifi. Has there been any firmware updates for this box?
  10. I bought a 150 very lighted use online, mint condition. As a stereo buff and a guitar player, this sounds a bit weak for 150Watts. On the guitar side, I need to remind myself that with a tube amp, every bit of the circuit is the instrument, where a modeling amp synthesizes the tone then amplifies that sound with absolute clean transistor fidelity. It won't be as loud or have the same response as its tube counterpart. Having the control of the good stuff on this amp hinged upon iOS, is actually a hidden expense for those who do not have such a device. Cumbersome, it is not the most clean app, though it is better than having to delve through hidden menus one a screenless interface. On the the stereo side, it works well. Hook up is simply and pleasant sounding until one tries to play it loud. Again, I thought 150 watts would produce more sound pressure. For the price, I would not buy this as a guitar amp as I do not need so many effects(many of which are kind of useless, in my opinion), it has that sterile digital response and it is not particularly loud. One would do better with a 15watt tube amp and move their pedal boards from their main rig to the practice amp. As for a blue tooth remote speaker system, it is not as loud as I though it should be. That said, it sounds better than many of the comparably priced systems. This is why this thing works..... It is perfect for a bed or dorm room and can be dragged out for background music outdoors. Add to that, is a serviceable practice amp. I am on the fence on keeping it, but might recommend it to someone who needs such a niche product. Namaste, David
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