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  1. It's not hacking per se, its repairing. I did try and get info up here, I will do it elseware on the internet and link back when I have done it. Although the dissassembler software cannot give you the source code, certain text can be found and changed providing it can be pulled from the HEX. Also, I own it, I spent the money on it. So has everyone with the problem. So we're perfectly within our rights.
  2. I tried to put up a tutorial in using Hopper to manually change the code, but the image and post was pulled. A sure sign that Line 6 have no intention of doing anything apart from taking money and running.
  3. Thanks for that. I'm the one who created the Ideascale entry, after seeing the count of over 3000 views on the subject, now it's at over 5000 in a very short period of time....
  4. It is best you stop replying. My guess is you don't actually have technical knowledge. Actual coders; Has anyone managed to use Hopper to identify the line of code that checks for the driver edition number? I can't find it as it is in Hex and I don't have the expensive edition that can show functions (or save back to the executable).
  5. I already made a complaint to the forum runners about this. I think there is confusion about what makes an expert, is it 16000 posts about nonchalance or actual knowledge? I think it's just a counter system, once the number gets above a certain point, you get a new word next to your username. That's it.
  6. 1. You have not helped provide a solution, nor are you trying to. 2. Line 6 did not give me working software, it had errors waiting to happen. They released yosemite updates for drivers which broke connection to gearbox. 3. Yosemite updates are interface based and Java and C are supported natively. Neither Java or C have been changed nor the architecture of chips they talk to.
  7. Apple have broken nothing. All errors are due to bad package Javascript and a line of code in the Gearbox Unix executable that talks to the X3 during program boot that doesn't find the number it wants. There is no major overhaul needed, just the source-code of the executable. Please see home-page of forums. The word "support" features as a header.
  8. I have a supported OS. It runs C and Java perfectly well.
  9. They have dropped customers like a hot brick to follow the latest craze. This will not serve well for future trust. The hardware still works, Java and C have not changed, nor have the chip architectures that they talk to. Therefore nothing is obsolete. And the refusal to change one line of code to get Gearbox to recognize the updated driver for the X3L is inexcusable. Less sucking up, more support please. An actual solution would be good.
  10. Apple supported PPC for ten years. Microsoft have had to open-source parts of their OS due to anti-trust action (some of which was around this kind of issue) Sony, Samsung etc? No related issue, so this is an example out of context. GM, third party organisations exist, including new 3D printing firms, so you're not going to have the same problem. Can I ask that if you are an "expert" that you offer solutions? Comments that actually have easy counterarguments just send out unhelpful emails to those following the thread. So: Which line of javascript in the installer is calling for the wrong driver version? Which line do I change to make it install (I already know this btw, I just need to see your real level of "expertise" When gearbox does run, it says the driver inside the X3 is incorrect. This means that there is, quite simply, one line of code to change in the Gearbox Unix Executable. It would take them an afternoon to sort this.
  11. Of course it's busy. Line 6 have messed up with peoples money!
  12. Go to Digitech..... (BP 355 is what you're after, a third of the price of the original cost of the X3L)
  13. You need gearbox to load in effects/patches from the internet, and to make them, and to back up. Of course we need Gearbox. And the whole point of buying an X3 is because of this. Otherwise you can just go out and buy a cheap Boss unit, get better sound quality just without the USB and computer control, which is what people are likely to do!
  14. Agreed. Not interested in a company that wants money for its own interests and drops the rest of us. I have added a link to request open-sourcing of software. But it's clear from the thousands of viewings of these threads that people are waiting for Line6 to act. I think there may well be an exodus to Digitech if they are not careful, these things count.
  15. http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Open-Souce-Retired-Software/677387-23508
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