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  1. Thank you everyone. Goooner and Wardman nailed it. Other things had to update before Monkey was able to recognize my unit. Then once it recognized it updated everything and installed the program itself within the utility. Strangly though, hD500x is excluded from my downloads list... Whatever. Totally worked and thank you all!
  2. Where is everyone downloading HD500X Edit from? I have searched everywhere, including through all the forums, looking for a link or for someone to have said something. On the downloads page it shows all of the other products and their edit software EXCEPT hd500x. Did they remove it for some reason? Am I blind to something? Everytime I call customer support they say they're in a meeting and call back in an hour. Someone please show me where you are all seemingly easily getting this program. I even downloaded the regular HD500 Edit just in case every 500X owner was using that, but calling it 500X. Anyway, program doesn't recognize my 500X. Thank you for any help, Thanasi
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