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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I've created two patches on my Spider IV 150HD head to emulate the Drive and Metal sounds of a restored 1992 vintage Crate Blue Voodoo BV-120H head plugged into a Blue Voodoo 4 x12 speaker cab (with the Crate speakers). The Spider IV is connected to a Line 6 4 x12 speaker cab with Line 6's custom Celestions. The patches can be found in Custom Tones as "Voodoo Drive" and "Voodoo Metal", dated 5/25/18. They were created so that the Gain, Tone (Bass, Mid, Treble), and Reverb knobs will match on both heads. The Metal patch sounds slightly better on the Spider IV than the Blue Voodoo, while the Drive patch might be better on the Blue Voodoo. This is with a passive EMG humbucker in the bridge position. Interesting. As you recall the all tube (4 -6L6 and 4-12AX7 Groove Tube) Blue Voodoo head has a very bright, glassy sound, almost too bright. The mid frequencies are very scooped. You control the brightness with the Blue Voodoo's Presence control. Set it to less than 40%. Since the Spider IV lacks a Presence adjustment, we use the Treble control of the Boost+EQ effect (FX1) to tweak the brightness, and the Tone adjustment in the Lux Reverb model (set it to max, 100%). Other details below. Use Spider IV edit with firmware 1.52 (minimum) or setup in Manual mode. Voodoo Drive: Metal Red Gain/Drive: 40 (same as on Crate BV) Bass: 65 (same as on Crate BV) Mid: 40 (same as on Crate BV) Treble: 65 (same as on Crate BV) Channel Vol: 60 FX1: Boost+EQ (post) Gain: 66% Mid: 25% Mid Freq: 40% Bass: 55 Treble: 85 Reverb: Lux Spring (post) Dwell: 20% Tone: 100% Mix: 50% (same as on Crate BV) Voodoo Metal: Metal Red Gain/Drive: 70 (same as on Crate BV) Bass: 90 (same as on Crate BV) Mid: 15 (same as on Crate BV) Treble: 65 (same as on Crate BV) Channel Vol: 60 FX1: Boost+EQ (post) Gain: 66% Mid: 25% Mid Freq: 40% Bass: 55% Treble: 85% Reverb: Lux Spring (post) Dwell: 20% Tone: 100% Mix: 50% (same as on Crate BV)
  2. Hi Everyone, We just uploaded 4 tone patches to CUSTOMTONE (tab is available at top) to simulate the typical sounds that we get from a legacy Crate GX series stereo chorus 2 x 12" Combo Amp and a Crate GX-130C 130 Watt head with Crate 4 x 12 cab. These tones are based on Line 6's Metal Red amp sound (Mesa/Googie Dual Rectifier). The tones are: 1.) Crate GX clean 2.) Crate GX crunc (crunch) 3.) Crate GX drive 4.) Crate GX metal The Analog Stereo Chorus effect (FX2 control) is ON by default and tweaked for each specific tone. If you toggle it OFF in essence you get another 4 unique tones. With the chorus OFF, the sound will get "harder" as the mid frequencies drop off a bit. Similar to the actual Crate amp. In all cases the Boost/EQ (FX1 control) and Reverb should be left ON to get the unique Crate sound. Analog Delay (FX3 control) was added to simulate a bit of speaker cab resonance. We tested the patches using a guitar with active EMG humbuckers (as opposed to passive EMG's) and in all cases the "drive level" and "natural compression" increased. Passive EMG's were used to create the tones. The Crate combo amp and GX-130 head are from the early 90's and where made by St. Louis Music (which also made Ampeg products), Mark
  3. While my new Amplifi 150 is in the shop (power issues?), I took the plunge and bought a CRATE powerblock to use with my trusty Pod XTLive board - and used the Crate powerblock only as a power amp into my Fender 4x12 cabinet. It worked like a champ. You do need to configure the OUTPUT setting on the Line 6 Pod XT LIVE (I chose power amp, not direct) - but that's usually the case. Guitar into Line 6 Pod XT Live Line 6 Pod left + right outputs --> Crate Powerblock LINE IN (L&R) Crate Powerblock L&R outputs ---> Cabinet (The Fender 4x12 mustang cabinet can be configured to be stereo) You can see in the picture, pretty easy setup. Note: during a live show, I always use my Boss Tuner (just used to it I guess) and I had bought the Behringer Ultra Shifter/Harmonist US600 Processor pedal so I easily drop to an Eb if needed. Versatile little pedal. (and yes, that's a Kramer 5150 replica, which I use for the fun Van Halen party tunes at the end of the night - always fun to play and usually a few guitiarists in the crowd appreciate it.) Crate powerblock was $100 on Craigslist I've previously used the Pod XT live into a Roland Keyboard amp (KB300) but it's very bass-y. And it's only 1 speaker (albeit powerful). Having a 4x12 was helpful as it filled the stage (an outside benefit show). I spent a lot of time pondering the FRFR (Full Range, Flat Response) route - but this was just as powerful, much more affordable, and flexible. Plus, the stereo effects were nice to hear on stage. Hope this helps someone pondering power-amps in a live situation (like me a few weeks ago).
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