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bought a spider iv 150 today, and it was quality inspected in 2012....


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there was a spider 150, inspected in 2014, in another city.


my 2 questions are:


1.   is there a difference in hardware between one from 2012, and one from 2014?


this one was also covered in dust, there was no box, or booklet with it, and on the way out the sales man was like, oh ya, by the way, with this amp you will notice that when you turn it on, some random effects may turn turn this off you need to turn the phazer and echo dials up, then off, and this will reseet this problem...


2. is that accurate? that i can expect to have to fiddle with the effects knobs as they may turn on randomly?




thank you.

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Its tough to "really" say but you can probably bet that the 2012 is the same internally as the 2014.


The knob twisting the salesdude was referring to is a common way of "sweeping" (for lack of a better term) any dust that may have collected on the pots (encoder?) which can cause the effects jumping/settings change. But who can really say if there is not another issue? I would ask about the return policy or warrenty (if any). Do a bunch of all lefts all rights on the knobs and put the amp through its paces.



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