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HD500X and M13


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I added an M13 to my HD500; makes for some interesting additional "tap dance" tone options.


In particular, I place the M13 in the FX loop of the HD500 near or at the end of the signal chain, and mostly use the M13 for reverbs and delays.

Frees up some extra "pre" amp model FX, and leaves DSP open, in terms of using the particle verb on the M13, stereo delay, etc.


With the M13, it's up to four FX on at once - however, they are basically in columns of three buttons per column, and there in no restriction on the type of effect, or how you organize them - essentially a large configurable pedalboard. So, it makes for some interesting usage in that regard, a sort of extension of the tone already available in the HD500.


Can be very useful if you want to run direct, in stereo to the mixer / PA / recording. Also useful if you want to use two full amp models in the HD500 (uses lots of DSP that way).


If I am using it with the DT25, I just run the M13 in mono in the FX loop. If I am going direct, I run it in stereo.


Hd500 fx send -> M13 input(s) -> M13 output(s) -> HD500 fx return.


Also give you the freedom to move the fx loop block around, depending on how you want to use the M13.

Maybe you prefer fewer reverbs and delays, so use those in the HD500, put the FX loop block near or at the front of the HD500 signal chain,

and use the M13 for lots of "on deck" drives, comps, phasers, etc.


Sometimes I don't like to program the patches to perfection, rather to decide in the moment which FX I want on or off, or in which combination.

Lots of versatilty there! The M13 can save the "scenes" of FX groupings, so it's easy to switch from a series of "pre" FX to a grouping of "post" FX.

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