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Hi Guys. Haven't been here in a while!


Just bought another DT50 and want to use DT Customizer again on my iPhone and/or iPad. I don't have the apps saved on my Mac anymore to re-sync to the devices.


I DO have the 0.8 b version for iMac but obviously thats not portable etc.


DT Customiser app is no longer on iTunes? Any other way I can get it?



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Cheers. DT Edit is no-go as I'm using a Mac. Yep, been to those pages but they only link to the App store and then you get a message saying there no longer there.


Check Zaps links again. DTEdit has an OSX version so you can run it on your Mac.

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I was the original poster on this thread have been where you are. I'm surprised more people haven't made any comments on this issue or maybe they don't use it? Sadly I don't really have the answer you need as I temporarly lost the version I had been running but later found it on another drive so I was able to re sync it to my iPhone. Otherwise there was no way I could get the editor back from the net anywhere! It's just gone and the writer doesn't reply to email. Off the grid


If you use the above links you can download DT Edit which I run on my mac but I'm certain I used to have that running on my iPad AGES ago? Try that maybe.


Not the answeres your probably hoping for but I can concur with your findings! If there's anyway I can share the 'app' file with you, let me know ( don't know if that's even possible with iTunes accounts etc)

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I have an iPad Air and I want to connect it with my DT25.


DT Customizer seems to be the best solution for me but impossible to download it via iTunes Store or App Store.


How could I find it ?


Is it discontinued ?


Thanks to any help.


I know it's old, lol, but you never know if someone reading it. :)


In case someone needs the DTCutomizerToGo App here's a link >> DTCustomizerToGo 2.1


I was using with my iPhone 4s and Original iPad.


Also the PDF >> http://www.cunningham-photo.com/DTCustomizer/DTCustomizerToGoUserManual20.pdf

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