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Reamping (but not via USB)


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Hi all,

Can someone help with reamping? I have my guitar getting DI'd into my mixer, which routes to the DAW for recording. I get a line level signal out again (from the mixer for live monitoring, and from the DAW during playback). But, how should I deal with impedence mismatching when I try to put this line level signal into the Guitar In on my pod hd?

/ Niall


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here is a link I read recently which is contrary to what I originally considered . (a reamp device nedded)

I haven't tried this so cannot confirm if it works.


I'd like to add that the line level from DAW interface could also be routed into the HD FX return and that slot in the HD placed to your liking.

Then use FX. amp models or HD out to an amp and mic it.


Also, instead of a mixer to DI the guitar in the HD500 can output a dry guitar )no processing) via the s/pdif out.


Your HDPRO has s/pdif in as well whcih you could also bring the guitar track in on.


Bare in mind that a guitar is a high impedence device and that is what the the HD inputs will expect though there is an auto setting for guitar in impedence.

This guitar input is designed to get the high imedance up in volts via the pre amp in the HD and of course likewise in a guitar amp.

Thus my suggestion to try the FX return on the HD as the line level out won't need to be  pre amped again and why it just might work.

Please let us know your findings

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I will try the Aux in and see what happens. I'm using the fx loop for effects, and I'm connected to a dt25 amp via line6 link and the spdif is unavailable when doing this. Annoying as hell because I could just spdif the dry signal into the computer otherwise.

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