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Which cab do I have?

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Hi guys,

I recently acquired a spider ii 120watt head and cab, and I'm not sure what cab model it is, hopefully you guys could help.


On the back of the cab there are 2 1/4 jack inputs, one says left one says right both at 8ohms, in between the 2 inputs it says 150 watts max per side. And on the right input under it says 4 ohms mono using this input only.


I'm new to the realm of head and cab, I've always used combos or amp sims.

Firstly I would like to know the model of this cab, and also what I can and can't plug into each socket!


Any help regarding this would be appreciated!



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I'm not familiar wiht the Spider 2 amp, but if it has two speaker output jacks (left and right), you need to use cables from both into both jacks on the cabinet, or you will create an imbalance in the amp which will eventually cause a problem.

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