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Multiple Parings?

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Hi all

Very much a 'newbie' but received my Amplifi75 today and, so far, very pleased with it.

Can anyone tell me if I can have the amp paired to multiple devices (not at once, obviously).

I have both an iPad (IOS) and a Google Nexus (Android) either of which is likely to be in use by other members of the family when I want to play with the Amplifi. Can the amp 'remember' both devices and will it simply connect to the device that has bluetooth switched on and in range? Out of interest, do you know what would happen if both devices were 'ready'?

Many thanks

Keith C.

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The amp can be paired to as many compatible devices as you want it to. Like you said, though, you can only really use one at a time. I don't know for sure what would happen if you had two devices on at the same time. I imagine that whatever one you were paired with first would stay connected, and that you simply wouldn't be able to pair the second one to the amp until you unpaired or powered down the first one.

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