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Dt 25/50 Suggestion


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Hello all, I currently have the Dream rig with DT 25 amp.  I think a great addition to the amp would have been a button on the face of the DT 25 labeled Save.


If you are playing and need to make a quick change to your settings while standing up with a guitar strapped around your back currently you need to make a change and kneel down to save a change on the fly,  If there was a Save button on the amp you could make a quick change and hit save and it could possibly communicate with your pod to make your changes very quickly and permanent to that particular bank.


Just an idea I thought I would throw out there.






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You guys are missing the OP's point. He has an HD-x00 POD and doesn't want to have to bend or kneel down when he's on stage to make and save adjustments while he's playing or in-between songs.


OP: I gig/play-out too and like your suggestion. Turn around, make a quick tone change on the DT and hit Save on the DT - perfect when you're on stage.

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