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Hello all and thanks in advance for your help.




TonePort DI-G

Dell Precision M6400 Mobile Workstation

Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.5Ghz w/4GB RAM

Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit




I recently wiped the hard drive on this laptop and re-installed everything from scratch. Part of that process involved logging into my Line 6 account and downloading the software I needed to get my TonePort up-and-running.


Once before, I moved the TonePort from my MacBook to this Dell and everything worked great.  However, this go around none of the Model Packs that I had before were installed by the Line 6 Monkey utility and I cannot see anyway to get them.  The License Manager says that I am authorized for several add-ons, including the Model Packs.  But as I said before, there doesn't seem to be any way to get them.




Any help would be appreciated.


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there is nothing to get/download or install... the models will just be unlocked in pod farm

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Thank you for your response.


I will install POD Farm.

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