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Hd500, Computer Sounds Stops When Connected To Pod

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Hello forum!


I've had my POD HD500 for a few years now, and I'm really happy with it, amazing gear... But I've been having a problem recently when I connect it to my computer. I completely reinstalled my Windows 7 computer a few weeks back and installed all the newest software/drivers for the POD HD500. When I plug in my POD to my computer using the USB connection, every few minutes the sound just stops for a few beats and starts back where it stopped.


Do any of you guys have any idea of what the problem might be and how to solve it?


P.S. : I'm from France so please forgive my bad English

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You can check some things:

Of course you can disconnect from USB and uninstall, then reinstall the driver and reconnect over USB when the driver tells you.
You can also try another USB port.

But maybe it is because your computer or some components go to sleep. While you are playing guitar, the pc thinks you are doing nothing.
Take a look at the Windows Power/Energy options in the Control Center. Here also take a look at the extended power settings.
Then look at the Device Manager > USB Controller. Here are also energy options where you can disable the USB controller going to sleep.

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