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  1. mazuwa


    Make sure the gate comes before the compressor. The compressor rises the signal up and gets over the threshold of the gate or something like this?
  2. Please do not discuss about tone interruption with me, but I simply use different patches.
  3. mazuwa


    What happens if you disable all or some of your fx and amps on your patch? And what about other presets, especially the "New Tone" Preset?
  4. mazuwa

    ASIO latency

    With real time vst plugins you must compromize between minimum sample buffer and security against cracks. What I do is minimizing the numbers of active DAW tracks and fx during recording for reducing CPU. I do not use same fixed values, it depends Finally I recommend to analyse (zoom in) the recorded test wavs to see if there are cracks inside. For playback and mixing only reasons I increase the sample buffer. Are you using dedicated music PCs? If not, unplug your LAN cable (don't deactivate LAN adapter for some softwares do need it), deactivate antivirus software and other music PC optimizations. If you want to measure the real latency of all components in sum you can download this RTL Utility and let the signal take your way of choice over your DAW and through the plugins. http://www.oblique-audio.com/free Attention: You need a loop e.g. from input 1 to output 1 and DO NOT FORGET to unplug your headphone and monitoring cables before that- or your ears are gonna die! Inside RTL Utility you can select the drivers, frequency, bit depth, inputs and outputs. Great to compare between different software, drivers and devices. With POD HD ASIO driver set direct monitoring level to zero and use DAW monitoring for measuring instead!
  5. Hi rd2rk, As far as I remember all of my custom tones usually come with that code. Because I wanted to help you I decided to open HD500 edit, open each of my presets, change the amp, upload to Customtone and read the number. But suddenly my new test presets appear with clear names instead of numbers. So what has changed? I guess normally I'm selecting the amps directly at the device, this time I did it with HD 500 EDIT which might add extra information. But maybe there is more behind it. I'm also thinking of presets that are based on an older firmware version and can be "repaired" by using HD 500 EDIT and changing the amp there. This does not give you the code. But you can download examples and see what amp is behind it. What I'm currently using: 458840: Plexy Lead 100 (Full amp) 458843: Flip Top (Full amp)
  6. Method 1 and 2 is what I am doing, method 3 I haven't tried yet, maybe somebody else can confirm who did so? 1st way: I own a tube mic preamp that can be connected over USB. If I want the POD as an output device and the USB Mic as input device, I change the active drivers inside my DAW. Usually I use the original POD ASIO driver, but otherwise I'm changing to ASIO4ALL driver, where I can handle several devices. I don't think you have to deinstall drivers, just do not connect them over USB at the same time when using the original drivers, as long as they are the real reason for your crashes. 2nd way: If you want to connect the POD as the only USB device, then you can use the AUX input as INPUT 1 for preamped line level mic sound coming from the tube mic preamp. 3rd way: Go and get a phantom power box and connect with the POD MIC input or just use a condenser mic alone.
  7. Your loose USB is the weak point. Sorry, but you must send it to a Line 6 service center for repair and explain. I wouldn't delay. Tell them about: a. your loose USB connection -> I guess the connection got loose again during update!!! b. about the failed USB firmware update -> You wish to get it returned with latest USB firmware and software version! SafeMode cannot help here. Loose USB connection bundled with interrupted USB firmware update? Repairing your loose USB connection is also important for future works. What else should I say for the future? Use HD500 edit to backup your SetLists/Bundles before? Or disable Norton real-time protection after downloading Monkey and before installing PC driver update? Sounds clever somehow. :(
  8. In another forum I read something like an ESN of all zeros means the device has either been tampered or assembled incorrectly.
  9. Yes, that's what I wanted to say. Now you have tried everything with confession. Let's see if they have more ideas, otherwise you should exchange the device. The metal bundle can be applied to all of the registered devices of your account. If you get a new HD500x, just register and you can use your metal pack. I wonder that Line 6 offers all the downloads (monkey with drivers, editor and firmware 2.62), but there is no USB 1.04 firmware offline installer? Of course, if you give back the whole device, which means the pack becomes useless, you should ask Line6. Good Luck!
  10. I know. I must admit I do not know if the USB update is part of the offline firmware update file. However, I would start anew if you want a last try. Disconnect USB. Deinstall Monkey. Reinstall Monkey and all drivers included. Reconnect USB. Use SAFE Mode. Open Monkey and update.
  11. If you could update it already once completely, then you might have a chance to get it fixed by yourself. Try to downlad the firmware from the download page. Install the latest Monkey again with unplugged POD, but do not open Monkey. Then you reconnect and try to do do a firmware update from the SAVE/Test MODE (unpower the device and reconnect while holding the round to RIGHT navigation button). Start Monkey and retry the firmware offline by selecting the downloaded file. Never connect you POD over an USB HUB.
  12. Do you have your HD500x new? Could you ever update before, or is it your 1st time? If it is a new device, I would bring the device to a service center or exchange your hardware in the shop.
  13. "making sure others are not highlighted etc.etc." Hi studiox19, The presets that are currently highlighted are the ones you will send / receive. The presets with the triangle on the left side is the one you are currently editing. As a result of this you might edit another patch as the one you are sending? Maybe the software is not as easy against mistakes. I always go for sure: 1. Before editing presets, save your complete Bundle and SetLists with unique file names (use date & time)! In cases of issues you can later highlight what you want to send back. 2. Double click the original preset (highlight and triangle) you want to edit on the editor and use File> SAVE AS. 3. Now Change your SetList and double click on the destination position (highlighted and triangle again). 4. File>OPEN the preset on the destination position saved before and start editing. 5. Your edited preset is still highlighted as the only one and finally can be sent by SEND.
  14. mazuwa

    Best EQ Setings

    Have you seen MeAmBobbo's guide? http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/eq#fizzy
  15. As long as you are not connected with HD Edit you can recognize any recent parameter change by the asterix on the left upper corner, directly underneath the patch number. (HD Edit will provocate an asterix just by sync).
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