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  1. There was an error determining which Add-Ons you have installed. ((Code 8000710B) Hardware is not valid. Please contact Line 6 customer service immediately with this error.)
  2. YES I TRIED a different usb cable, the ticket response was Dear customer, please install the latest driver manually (7.3.7) and try again : please remove all connected devices to the POD before connecting to Monkey (like a connected Variax) the USB firmware cannot be updated ? Best regards, Christoph Dégardin Line 6 Support Europe BUT I CANT FIND THAT DRIVER ...
  3. my ticket status is open , but i dont have an answer yet ... :(
  4. i tried it and doesnt work, at least i dont wanna fight this more , if in 3 days my tickets doesnt solve my problem , i want to get my money back of the metal bundle , is that possible?
  5. I have the pod firmware update the issue is to update the usb firmware to 1.04 and autorize the device in license manager
  6. is a new device i purchased it in a shop, i could updated all of it when i unboxed it
  7. i forget this error too... T_T i tried desactivating av and firewall, and doesnt work :(
  8. i tried on my laptop with just only pod connected and the monkey and license show me the same errors :(
  9. i cant update usb firmware, and i cant authorize my pod hd 500x help me please (i just purchase a metal hd pack and i dont wanna feel i waste 60 $ T-T)
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