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  1. Buy the Kemper and profile your own amp, so you will gig with the KPA alone, no amp at all. Buy a good FRFR monitor or, even better, buy a Red Sound RS LG-12 to work with your KPA. Don't excpect to use the KPA and the Mezzabarba togheter. If you need some more advices with the KPA, join the "Kemper Amp Italia" facebook group, there you''ll find more advices
  2. I do it. I put the fxloop after the mixer block and use send/return to link the HD500x to an MXR 10 band eq. Why I don't use one of the hd500x eq? Well, because I need more band than what HD has to offer. HD500x does not have a 10 band EQ for example. Sure, if you only need a low pass filter to kill high freq, you can use a parametric EQ or a vintage-pre or the global EQ but, if you want a better control, an external EQ is not a bad idea IMO and that's why the fxloop exists, to expand the HD500x capabilities with external gear.
  3. You can try the XLR out from the HD500x to the L3T, but I doubt you'll get better results. The L6Link does something to the tone (apart from a big boost in volume) that I wasn't able to reproduce with XLR output
  4. Yes, I've tried before the amp, after the mixer and, finally between the amp and the mixer and this is where I had best results. Placing it before the amp, I couldn't hear that much difference, Placing it after the mixer, was a better guess. It works more or less like putting a tube compressor after the mixer, even if the MP sounds better than the tube comp in this position. But, moving the MP between the amp and mixer made my day :)
  5. both input and output at 50%, the idea being that the overall volume should be the same with the pedal on or off
  6. So, I tried the ART TUBE MP with HD500x and I must admit that it makes a big difference. I just drop the TUBE MP into a pair of patches that I use daily, no special fix to the patches itself (one high gain, one clean). The chain goes like this: guitar > HD500x pre-amp effect (tubescreamer, noisegate) > HD500X amp with cab sim and mic > FXLOOP > TUBE MP > HD500x mixer > HD500x effects (reverb, delay...) > L2T The sound gains fullness, and loose that "digital factor" that you surely know. While playing, I use to switch between FXLoop on and off to hear the difference and, believe me, I can't play without it anymore!
  7. I'm gonna try it tomorrow, just ordered the ART MP
  8. @robbieb61: would you mind to give it a try on the HD500x? guitar -> fxloop -> ART MP -> HD fullamp with resonator at zero -> FRFR
  9. You can also use the volume pedal to turn the distortion on/off (by playing with mix parameter). The volume pedal is big enoug that you won't miss it. I use it to move from rhythm to lead sound because, as you said, I sometimes find hard to hit the right FSx
  10. How is it possibile that you do not open your mouth while using the wah? :) I can't play wah wah without mimic it with my mouth. Nice video BTW :)
  11. Ahah hurghanico, you're right 😊 It was not so loud as it seems from the video, but you know, with double bass drum kicking all the time, you have to raise the volume quite a bit.
  12. To close this thread, here's a video of the show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvztZMMqpOU It was filmed with a mobile phone, so quality is not excellent but you get the idea; the sound you hear is no different from a standard guitar amp (IMHO) and it's 100% HD500X throught local PA. I had the L2M as a monitor on stage (you can see on my left, over a keyboard stand in the dark).
  13. Just finished the show, I went directly to PA from hd500x, was perfect. I used the L2M as a monitor, at 40%, no issue at all. I'm happy 😊
  14. Good advice pianoguy, but I have to be louder than my drummer and usually this means having L2T on 30%. Not sure what happened yesterday night. Anyway, tonight I have a gig, let's hope that 30% will be enough 😊
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