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  1. OK, so hopefully a sensitivity issue in the software, which can be fixed with a firmware update. I've never had a problem after 4 years of use. I've not used it properly until this last weekend for nearly a year (because of Covid) and in that time the firmware has been updated (twice?), so i've no real idea of when it started. After a firmware update? Or randomly due to hardware breakdown?
  2. No, this is definitely something new. My band has just got together for rehearsals and i wondered why my delays kept on resetting to too fast - on nearly every preset. Frustration! I then realized that is was everytime I used the tuner. The last time i used the Helix with any gusto was about 3 months ago and there was no problem then. What seems to happen now is that the helix takes a random amount of milliseconds to go into tuner mode when the footswitch is held down (maybe the same milliseconds as the preset delay - not tested). Guitar is then tuned. When tapping the switch to come out of tuner mode and back to current preset, the tap function immediately shunts the tempo to "240.0". You then have to come out of the preset and then go back in to get the programmed tempo to reset. I've got a load of gigs coming up from August and this will be catastrophic in a live setting. Hopefully it - and it seems a lot of users are getting a similar problem - will be fixed with a firmware update. I will log it and get a support ticket, too.
  3. Thanks Eze, it's a Floor. Keep me in the loop :-)
  4. Yes getting a similar problem. Just went to edit some patches and i couldn't understand why i was getting delay when the Helix clearly showed that no delay existed. When i viewed the patch in Edit on the PC, there was a vintage delay that was activated and on but did not exist on the Helix screen. Obviously, I originally created the patch with that delay involved and it was built previous to firmware update 2.80. HX Edit is showing the patch correctly - and the patch sounds correctly - but the screen on the Helix is showing a blank block. If I copy and paste the delay block on HX Edit, where I paste the block to also shows a blank block on the Helix screen. To get the Helix to show the block correctly, I have to reprogram the block back in on the Helix itself. If I highlight the block with the joystick on the Helix, it's not recognizing an effect there, but it does have the parameters of the invisible effect, which values can be changed with the rotary knobs (see final pic).
  5. I do miss the dots on the old POD (xt) that indicate where the knob/slider was before edit. Pretty sure that would be easy to implement in the Helix.
  6. Kenji Suzuki, who plays with Simply Red, has uploaded a few tones to customtone. He posted a vid on youtube comparing helix cabs with irs. Not sure if he uses the helix live though. Awesome guitarist.
  7. Sold my ZLX 12p once I had experienced the sound of my TS212. It's just so much better in response, tone and sound to my ears. And about 2/3 of the price . . . .
  8. OP, that's a shame about not getting the reverbs to sound right. I've just had a quick skim through this thread and I really think that where you have had your effects in the chain is critical to getting a preliminary good sound. I've used DAWs for about 20 years and before that analogue mixers in a studio environment - no doubt much like a lot of other guys on this forum - and one tip that HAS to be also utilized on the Helix is that you MUST put your reverb into a separate bus or in Helix's case, a parallel path. Ideally, you would put your reverb mix at 100% and then use the blend control to govern how much of that wet mix affects the main signal chain. This way, you maintain your tone with the addition of subtle (or not so subtle) reverb. You could also just change the reverb mix to taste and leave the blend alone. Yes. And extremely important for reverbs to be in parallel. Ummm . . . I'm not so sure that's right. Put a reverb (or delay) in serial and put the effect mix to 100%. All you'll get will be the effected signal. Put in parallel and you can add the effect to the original signal keeping your intended tone intact. But each persons tone and how you get to it is subjective :-) For those new to Helix who don't have much experience with signal paths and mix busses etc. etc., surely Line 6 are missing a trick by not supplying some rudimentary guide as to how to chain effects together without (or minimally) effecting the original tone. This is so important.
  9. Strangely with Gilmour's sound, less is more - if you know what i mean. Just work a really good sound out of the Whowatt and the 4x12 Greenback cab, then add in a smattering of 3 -4 effects (compressor, drive, modulation, echo/reverb). On the PULSE tour, even though he had, at least, a dual channel amp system and numerous effects in numerous signal chains, he really only ever utilised 3-4 effects for each sound, relying on the Hiwatt (whowatt) - with an Alembic bass guitar preamp - for the tone. He did sculpt his sound with a couple of graphic EQs in the chains. He also used doppler/leslie speakers on nearly all his sounds at the end of the signal chain, mixed in with the main channel sound to varying degrees. And of course his technique, which is maybe the the ingredient you're going to have trouble replicating.
  10. Very strange. The OP seems to have changed the files. Yesterday, the two files where definitely different guitar sounds and files. To me, the Helix sounded better. Now, the Helix version is an over-compressed (I guess at the mastering stage), too loud mess. Nasty.
  11. I've not managed to get the Helix yet, hopefully in the New Year. I can tell a massive difference and it explains to me the problems I've always had in getting a 'natural' guitar sound from both the HD500 and HD500X. You just can't do it - and that is evident in the reedy, thin sound of the guitars in the HD500 version. By comparison, the Helix sounds like it's recorded through a proper guitar amp. Much better. The differing levels don't change the quality - IMO. I really can't wait to get hold of the unit.
  12. LOL I've just done a proper recheck of what's on my PODHD 500X via the edit software. I do have a 'Mikes Mandarin' patch which must be the usurping patch in question (looked like 'Mikes Mandolin' in the dark, panic moment on stage). Now this is a patch that i created using the new Mandarin amp when the new firmware came out. It was saved to position 12b in one of my set-lists(experimental). 12b is also the position in my 'Main Gig set' of the great lead patch that was usurped. There is no way i would copy across anything to my main set-list and I'm 100% sure i didn't mess with this slot. The question is, how has this happened? We've had two gigs since i created 'Mikes Mandarin' and I didn't have the overwrite problem in the first gig, so it's copied - i think - quite randomly when working on other patches since.
  13. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I'm definitely getting a problem here. I meticulously make sure that no other patches are highlighted every time I save one when i'm using the software on a computer. I'm sure there's a glitch here. Maybe I have a dodgy USB connection on the PC i use if no-one else experiences this? I'll try and document exactly what happens next time. I'll have a go at reproducing the circumstances too.
  14. I don't know if anyone else gets this problem, but now that I have a 500x as well as the 500 and both suffer the same problem, I'm guessing it's universal. It might be best if i set the scene. I use all the presets in one set list when i play live - i usually use one set of four (a-d) patches for a song (1-16 slots). I leave this set list well alone when I edit patches in the edit software as this is my set list for live gigs. I usually copy the patch across to another set-list, mess with the settings and then copy back if i improve it. I'm extremely careful with only saving highlighted patches, making sure others are not highlighted etc.etc. On my old HD500, at least twice, I have been in a live(! - as well as other times) situation where I'm playing the verse part of the song - for example - say 'Comf Numb Verse' patch, i then kick in what i'm expecting to be 'Comf Numb Kick Ar$e Solo' and i get 'Mike's Mandolin' :-( Now, these are patches that I never edit - they are set in stone and left alone, but for some reason i get a random patch change which i never authorize and I'm not aware of until an important sound check or even gig. And the above is what happened, frustratingly, with my new PODHD 500x on Saturday night. I did manage to do a quick tap dance and find something more appropriate, but i believe there is a glitch in both PODHD 500 Edit and PODHD 500x Edit software whereby patches are randomly overwritten. I don't have much confidence in it at the moment. Anyone else having this problem?
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