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  1. If the (.txt) extension isn't visible, check check this link for Windows: https://www.howtogeek.com/205086/beginner-how-to-make-windows-show-file-extensions/
  2. No, not only during the start-up. The stripe remains..... Already did a re-firmware-upgrade 2.11, but that didn't help. Thx for your advice for opening a ticket.
  3. Since i started the update 2.11 there's a thin blue stripe in my screen of the Helix in the middle from top to bottom. And it won't seem to go away. Did already multibable restarts of the Helix. Not that disturbing, all functionalities seem to be working fine, but can anyone help?
  4. Perhaps the MEL9 can help you, although it's external pedal: http://www.ehx.com/products/mel9
  5. Thx! I was already wondering why the changes of parameters didn't save in snapshots. Now I understand what I did wrong :)
  6. Did you already check the custometone? http://line6.com/customtone/search/?submitted=1&family=helix&search_term=dream+theater
  7. Thx for taking the time to write. Very clear story.
  8. Downloading the new firmware right now: fantastic!
  9. Same guitar (JT Variax) and DAW,but different amps and mixes. Only thing I could think of is the quality of the A/D converter inside the Helix that could explain the difference
  10. Early 2015 we recorded a song with the HD Pro. Now, the same song we re-recorded a few weeks ago with the Helix: ​guitars, bass and vocals. My conclusion: there's just nothing bad you can say about the Helix :) Listen to the difference: HD Pro: https://soundcloud.com/amazing_air/all-the-strangers Helix https://soundcloud.com/amazing_air/all-the-strangers-helixx
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