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Record Guitar & Audio On Ipad

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Hi All,


Does anyone know if there's a way to record both audio (through a mic) and guitar in at the same time through amplitude, garage band, etc on the ipad using line 6's products?  


The Sonic Port would record only one at a time correct? Could you do something like the sonic port for audio and mobile in for guitar or something along those lines?


Appreciate it!

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Mobile in will only allow you to record from 1 input source, Had to check the manual as my unit appears to have a problem at the moment! :-(

Not sure if its due to ios though, as prior to last update it was working ok?

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Hey guys, not quite on topic, but maybe you can help me out.  Am I missing something here?   How do you actually call up the Sonic port presets to be used in Garage Band on iPad.  I have Sonic port connected, but when I start up Garage band and choose the instrument (guitar amp) , it just has the stock Garage Band amps and pedals.  Can't seem to bring in the tones From  Soic port into GB.   Anyone?  


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