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Thinking about getting an Amplifi 150 BUT....

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I have been left out in the cold by L6 several times. I have been a customer for a long time. I had a Flextone II, I have a Flextone III Plus, I bought an original POD and upgraded to POD II, I subscribed to Toneport Online, I bought a UX-2 interface, Toneport Online just disappeared one day between logins. I have no support for my POD, the two versions of POD Farm do not work for me.

IDK, I am afraid that I will buy one and then find out that one day I have a boat anchor. It looks very interesting and I am likely to buy one at that price. I have a Boogie Mark V combo but it isn't for everything, though it can come close. The Amplifi looks like a perfect amp for jamming along with TV or CDs.

I am interested in knowing why the installations of POD Farm I have do not work, are not registered, how to register them or if it is even worth it.

I rarely use the X-2, I mostly use a Roland Octa-Capture, it has better preamps and ASIO. If the POD Farms worked it might make a difference.

What do you need? More money?


I don't know if I should pursue this or not. I'd like some input. This will be no more than a toy for me, a practice tool and something I use for my own pleasure.





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like all software and software based  products, eventually  support dries  up and the company moves  on.. i guess  it would be like asking  microsoft  to still support ms dos. or to have  the  people  who used  to make  8 track players    hold onto  parts  for them incase  one  or two users  still  use  them.  companies  are  in business to make  money. youll see  the same complaints    about   support  for  first gen variax  guitars,  the company  just moved  on. yeah  users  are  pist.  but  they will eventually  either  upgrade  or do something  else. personally  i  owned a variax  300.   it wasnt all that reliable till i changed  out the ickups  for graphtechs.   i wouldnt  buy any amp thats  going to need   upgrades in software.  no thanks  ill stick with my twin reverb and  ac  30   and my vox    tonelab.  yeah they are all old   but  never  break down  or suffer  from non support .

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