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M9 in effects loop of DT 25


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Howdy all


I absolutely love the sound of my DT25 standalone; but with my HD 500 I hate it....


So I've got my favorite analoge pedals (MI Audio crunch box, Boost n Buff (through the effects loop for a volume increase) and GI Fuzz for my Muse stuff)  and just want the M9 for Delays. reverbs and, um, effects.   and the looper...


but I want it loop the sound of my DT - not the distortion effects within the M9.


and can I continue to use my Boost n Buff also within the DT's effects loop for my solo increases???



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Great amp right? I have tried various configurations with the HD500 and DT25. For a while I tried analog pedals instead of the HD500, ended up gravitating back to making the HD500 work with the DT25, mostly because of the JTV.


Takes some work to get it right, weird little quirks. In essence the preamp models are identical, and with patience, you can make the HD500+DT25 sound just as good (better) than just the DT25 alone.


Now, as for FX loop pedals, I was also messing with those, started with using pedals in the DT25 loop, went back to just putting things into the HD500 loop.


For a while I used an M13 in the HD500 fx loop, in stereo. Ended up selling the M13, was more than I needed, and the floor board space was getting insane. Another guy on the forums (Radatats) recently shared his experience using a smaller multi-effect Zoom chorus / reverb / delay pedal in the FX loop, looks like a cool option. I just ordered one, so I can't comment from personal experience, but will be testing it out at band practice on Monday next week!


Here is his original thread, with some pics of the pedalboard setup:


For me, it's a cool idea - I have the same pedalboard case, so I know it will fit in there nicely.

Also, I am going to add a second DT25 combo soon, to run my rig in dual amp model / stereo, so this is the right track for me.

I am also pysched that the Zoom has a version of the L6 Particle verb! love that effect..

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