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Boss Me-25 With Spider Iv 15w

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Probably,this is asked before,sorry guys.


I'm playing guitar for 1 years and for recording and tone issues,i ordered a Boss ME-25 and it will come tomorrow. So,i have a Spider IV 15w and i don't know how to use with it. Can you help me? 


Etc. channel: clean,mid:0,drive:in middle....

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Just plug it in.  Leave everything on a clean tone.  If it emulates amps, and cabs I leave my high,mid,low on 5.


I use my Digitech GNX 4, and the Line6 effects.  So I have to large pedal boards with a ton of pedals.


I put the Digitech in bypass when using the line 6.


when using the Digitech I setup a patch with a clean ton, and turn all the effects off.  I have use the flang, and sounds boost while using the digitech and it works great.


Just need to build a 2 tier pedal board to hold everything.

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