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  1. Natedog_37

    Master Volume Or Channel Volume?

    For the sound switching I use external pedals. Or have the one channel setup with a good clean and a Distortion I like.
  2. Natedog_37

    spider iv distortion problem

    I can get it to sound good. Not great. I mostly use external Distortion to get what I am looking for. Jak_e_lee problem is for people like me I want a clean, and a heavy on the same channel. Give me more space to tones etc. so using a red metal setting isn't going to work all the time.
  3. Natedog_37

    OK Whats NEXT ??!!

    Floor things like carpet?
  4. Natedog_37

    Line 6 Hd 150 Head Spider Iv

    Log into the system on your PC and back the pedal volume max down to 25% or so. I have no issues keeping my low when my kids are sleeping. but you will need to adjust your settings when soft since they will not sound the same.
  5. Natedog_37

    Hd 150 Sound Cut Out

    Nope turn off and back on with no issues. Power what still on settings all showed but there was no sound at all. New Monster Cables from the head to Cab made for speakers.
  6. I run a couple of rigs depending on size of where we are playing. Mid/large gigs I run my HD150 with all the built in effects. Smaller gigs I run my Behringer 2x 12 amp with my Digitech GNX4. One things nice about the non built in effects like the digitech is I don't need a amp I can run it directly into the soundboards. Most setups for small I run the pedal into the board for a Mains, and use the amp as my personal monitor. Works great. What worries me is if my HD150 goes out I am screwed.. So I have been bring the backup just in case. Just wanted to add in a small area you would never be able to crank the 150 up. It really is over killer but hey I am a man over kill is in my DNA.. Do what you think is best for you. I have been looking at a Pod, and a 6505 + head and some pedals. Love these toys.
  7. Natedog_37

    Hd 150 Sound Cut Out

    So I was practicing with the half stack on Monday with the band. We where about 3 hours in running stage volume. So maybe 25/30% and all of a sudden nothing. No sounds. Check everything nothing more. Check my external pedals nothing. reboot the amp and starts up like nothing happened. Started to get a little worried since I don't want this to happen on stage. Has anyone had this issue before. Volume etc never moved, and when I did move it nothing happened. Touched the the back and it was warm but not hot where I had to pull my hand off it. Thinking of backing up all my tones and doing a reset. Never had this happen before.
  8. Natedog_37

    Spider Iv 150 Distortion Fx Too Quiet

    I have the same issue.
  9. Mine works fine on Windows 8.1
  10. Natedog_37

    Volume Always Starts At 100%

    I have the same issue on my HD150. I have to rock the pedal even if at 0% or it is at 100%.
  11. Natedog_37

    Hd150 Volume Issues

    Ah I will give that a try. I was guessing the 100% was the issue. But found it strange getting use to the settings.
  12. Natedog_37

    Hd150 Volume Issues

    Ok I have all me settings setup to be about the same volume for the most part. I have the volume setup to give me 100% so I have full control. I move the master Volume to maybe 25% at shows we get it set to what is a good mix and go from there. I turn the amp off between sets. Come back for set 2 turn amp on, Master Volume is the same but the amp is 15% louders? Other issue I am seeing is you move the volume a hair and it is loud as hell!!! more it a hair down and you can't hear it. get to about 50% and the volume sounds the same get to 100% and you can't tell it is much different than 50% Why is this. You would think the volume would have a equal sweep all the way up to 100% but that 100% is not the case. I have been thinking of limiting the volume to say 30% and see what it does. Anyone have this issue.
  13. Natedog_37

    Audio Delay In Patch Change

    Got this with my HD150. I mostly change sounds about 1 sec before I want the sounds to cover it.
  14. Natedog_37

    Flash Memory Update File Fails To Open

    ^ yup Is this on a Mac, or windows PC?
  15. If it don't go away go back to G.C and try another head. It could be a issue this happens with anything these day. I will say though I love my HD150