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Mobile POD performance control


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I downloaded the Mobile POD app to use with my iPad. Compared to Amplitube, AmpKit+ and JamUp, I think the models and tones are superior. I'm using it with an Ampkit HD interface and I wanted to make a few constructive comments:


- Ampkit HD seems to be the ONLY interface with a charger input. I realize that most of these things were created to use for practice and home recording, but the tones are getting good enough that I want be able to gig with them. I wouldn't go on stage with an iPad without being able to supply power to it. So, please consider supplying a 5V input on future Sonic Ports and the like.


- Live control. To gig with a Mobile POD, some sort of Live or Performance interface is needed. JamUp seems to be the only App that has seriously considered this possibility. I prefer foot control to tapping an iPad while trying to play. Perhaps Mobile POD can be switched between patches and midi controllers assigned to pedals and effects using an iRig bluetooth floorboard or something, but I can't find any documentation that says how. e.g., I have no idea how to get the Wah effect in Mobile POD to work from some kind of you? Seems to me, you could make a dumbed down version of the AmpliFi FX100, without the onboard DSPs, and instead use it to control the Mobile POD app and provide patch switching and real time controls.... 


- What would be great is to be able to use a nice foot controller like this, with only a single cable, carrying power and signal, from the controller to the iPad/iPhone... ie just move the DSP from the FX100 into the iPad/iPhone and make all the power, guitar and other connections to the foot controller. This would be a 'clean' rig and the iPad display could be used for lots of nice performance feedback, tuner, and quick access to patch editing, just like the FX100.... but don't put the iPad on the floor like Digitech did.... 


- Don't forget an input for a second expression pedal!!!


- I can't register my purchase of Mobile POD App for support. It isn't listed.


Actually, that's all I had to add. You guys a Line6 are doing a great job at innovating and bringing some tech to the stage. Keep up the good work!










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The Appogee Duet will provide power to the iPad via the USB cable. Works great.

Are there specs for the midi impementation for Mobile Pod? I have a MIDI floor controller, the Appogee has a MIDI input. I'd like to be able to turn effects on/off in real time plus change rotary speed.


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