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Your old Spider

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I was at GC on Saturday picking up some strings and a guy was there selling his Spider III 75, FBV Express, Line 6 modeling pedals and Boss RC50 looper - total they offered him was $310..

GC would only give him $60 for the amp, and $30 for the FBV (half of what they said they would sell it for).  I talked to the guy, and he couldn't be bothered with trying to sell everything on craigslist or ebay.


I was wondering how much Spider IVs will devalue when Line 6 finally replaces them with something.

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I would say your lucky to get anything for your gear from GC. It's always better if you can sell your gear to people that know you. Personally when I buy this stuff I don't expect anything back. This way I'm not out. I would just give my stuff to a good cause before I took it to GC


All you have to do is ask GC for an estimate of what they would give you for whatever it is you feel like parting with. Last time I was there they used ebay or some other online store to figure out the going market price. They may have changed that process though.


Remember they're there to make money not lose it. Even if they seem to be going out of business.

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