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Using FX on the M20D

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Hi All, 


Just a small piece of advice needed from all you experienced engineers!


I have always added fx such as reverb and delay on to vocal channels etc but not really fully understood how best to set the send and return levels.  It always sounds ok but it would be nice to hear how you guys all do it?!



Am I correct in assuming that the return levels are global and therefore one should dial in the amount of reverb required using the send level?


Or should I set the send levels to 0.0db and use the return to control the effects levels?  Thought I understood this but the more I think about it the more I realised I don't!



Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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FX channels run at 0db

Individual channel FX sends adjusted to get the required amount for that channel.


I then mute each of the four FX channels between songs to make spoken sections more listenable :-)




But, I may be entirely wrong!

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The return level is global.


You set the send level on a per-channel basis---you may want some channels to have more reverb than others. For example, I usually set all the vocal sends the same, but I might set the saxophone channel higher to get more reverb than the vocals.


Then I adjust the return level so we have the proper amount of reverb in the overall mix.

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