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Hey peeps,


I am new to the HD500 community (bought one last week off ebay), but not new to the Line6 cvommunity. I presently have a POD XT Live and have owned the Spider 1.


Here is my question. I want to convert the the patches from the POD XT Live to the HD500. I know you can't do a direct transfer (that would be nice).


What I have done is take screen shots of my patch settings from within Line6 EDIT and want to mimic them the best I can.



Here is my question:


I am using the METAL SHOP Pack amps (i.e. CRIMINAL..aka 5150), that I bought originally for my POD XT Live. What amp is closest to that in the HD500?.




Thanks in advanced!




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There has been much discussion about the fact that there is no 5150 on the HD range.


Try meambobbo's tone guide and downloads. I'm sure there was a 5150-esque tone in there somewhere.

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