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FBV Shortboard mkii - no Function 2 light

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Hello all,


Just picked up a FBV Shortboard mkii and I cannot get the Funciton 2 light to come on. Is there some weird programming I have to do? I don't have time to go through the 82 page manual (tho I am planning on doing that sometime) because I need to either return the unit (if it's defective) orconfirm it works. I'm not as concerned as to HOW it works right now as just to know that the button is not broken. I assume that beacuse I can't get the light to come on (on any patch) it's messed up, no? BTW - I'm using a Spider Valve first generation.




- Zek

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both of those amps were released before the MK2 version of the FBV existed... 

so nothing was designed to work with function 2 as it did not exist before hand....

there is no way to "program" function 2 to do anything (outside of line6 releasing a firmware update... THEY can...YOU can't)

the FBV boards are essentially dumb controllers and only do what the amp is capable of.

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