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will firehawk be an improvement


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Do you think firehawk will be an improvement over the hd500 in some respects?

I'm thinking of the fizzy sound you sometimes get with the hd500, it can be reduced or corrected with clever eq but you only have 1 eq on the Firehawk so could prove to be a bigger problem

Also I hated spending hours tweaking sounds on the 500 so I'm hoping the Firehawk will prove to be much quicker when fiddling

I hope there's a global eq of some kind

After it was such a popular request for the hd500 do you think they'll include something?

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I hope there's a power switch.  The lack of one on my HD500x was nothing short of aastounding to me.  I do love it though, it's given me much joy over the last year or so.  :)  I like the look of the firehawk, but the infinite tweakability of 500x is what I've been after for years so I'll probably just stick with that.  Probably.... :D



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