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Treble booster


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I've been toying with the idea of buying a treble booster, but wanted to see if I could come close with something on my M9.  Anyone know what frequencies are being boosted?  Could I emulate it with one of the EQ patches?  Just curious.

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I think there is a filter called "sweep" (or something with a capital Q like "Q-filter") that is a wah you can set to one position with the FREQ knob, as long as the effect isn't assigned to an expression pedal (that'll make it a regular wah pedal).


Otherwise, any EQ should work, whether graphic or parametric.

(the wah is actually a parametric EQ)


Set the main level of the EQ pedal to give a boost, then kick the treble on top of that to taste

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I got something pretty close with 2 instances (or pedal bays) of the "4 Band Shift EQ." For both instances of the "4 Band Shift EQ", turn the "LO" down to nothing and boost the "HMID" all the way up. Adjust the "LMID" and "HI" to taste on the first instance if at all (my LMID, HI and SHFT are at default). I don't think adjusting the "SHFT" is needed but if you do, go up, not down.


I use this going into an amp with its own gain. Takes the murkiness out and boosts (what sounds like) the right area on the EQ range. 

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