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  1. I had to do that with my 600. It fixed it for a while, but then I had to have it serviced. I'm hoping it fixes the problem with the JTV59. Thank you.
  2. No one has had this problem, or any similar problem?
  3. I have a Variax 600. Back years ago, when I would play, it would occasionally sound as if someone was flicking the 5 position switch between patches. I tracked it down to be the dreaded coffin shielding issue. I coated the coffin in liquid electrical tape and it stopped. I then bought a Variax 700 and had no problems. Wanting the additional magnetic pickups, I then ordered a JTV59. It has served me well since I bought it. Up until this weekend, occasionally, I would get sounds that appeared to be a loose connection in my wireless, or a bad cable. I would switch cables and it worked fine. This weekend, it was the only guitar I brought that had problems. My PRS Custom 24 worked fine with the wireless and all cables. I'm wondering if there were any issues with this model. It is a factory refurbished unit, but looked/played/sounded brand new from the beginning. I don't know off the top of my head what version of flash I'm using. I haven't hooked it up to HD Workbench in at least a year, but can check it out if it will help. Thank you in advance.
  4. I've been toying with the idea of buying a treble booster, but wanted to see if I could come close with something on my M9. Anyone know what frequencies are being boosted? Could I emulate it with one of the EQ patches? Just curious.
  5. I have my X3 Live mounted to a Pedaltrain PT-2 (I think); the one that comes with the metal attache case. The case is padded, but not very much; maybe a half inch or less. While loading in, it fell off my cart onto the concrete walkway... about 18 inches or so. Nothing appeared to be broken and there weren't even any marks on the case. Set up for the gig and plugged it up. Everything worked fine, except the footswitches for the Stomp, Mod, & Delay. Stepping on those switches does nothing. I can go down to the control panel and turn them on and off, but that is quite a pain during live perfromance. Would a reset/reflash/whatever fix it? All the other switches on the top row work fine. I don't have the money to get it fixed if repair is the way to go, so I'll have to figure something out. Thanx
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