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Odd Patch Behavior


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I had an odd thing happen the other day with my new HD 500 - I created a patch to use the Hd 500 as an FX unit only and saved it in 1a of User 2 - came back the next day, flipped on the Hd 500 and that patch was in 1a of User 2 AND 1a of User 1, effectively overwriting what I had saved there.


I'm not saying I didn't do something to potentially cause this but I REALLY. Don't think I did - has anyone experienced odd things like that happening or would the general concensus be that I just f'd up somewhere? :)





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I was using the edit software at the it was plugged into USB when I powered the HD 500 on...just odd because I never had the patch in the user 1 bank at all. I'm thinking it was some type of thing on my part like I had user 1 selected but had the hd500 on user 2 maybe and it "receive selected" or something.


Was curious to see is anyone might have had a gremlin like this

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