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Wireless line 6 microphone XD-V70

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I was wondering if somebody could direct me to right direction or if i am at the right place help me with one problem.

I have a wireless microphone from line 6 (XD-v70) and a sennheiser wireless headphones hdr 180. The sound card is RME babyface, the program i use to record sound is pro tools. I know little about the sound and "stuff" but i set it up and its working. I mostly record radio ads, and people who read ads, complain that there is a sound delay when they read stuff, which makes its very hard. Reading ads and hearing yourself with delay is very frustrating.

Is there a way to increase the speed of sound travel =)? Or some other way to get rid of this delay?

People stand in abot 8 meteres away from me behind a glass. Back when i was in other place, we had everything connected with cables and it was perfect, but not the wireless stuff.

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My guess would be the latency is from the wireless headphones.

I would try regular headphones, if there is no latency, then you know it is the wireless headphones.

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