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Bias excursion- can anyone explain or demo, please?


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Had the HD500x a couple of weeks now but cant figure out what "bias excursion" does.

I cant hear any change when moving it to extremes along with the bias setting.


Can anyone tell me its purpose or maybe provide an audio example.

thanks in advance

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thats a useful guide. thank you for sharing.

Some more "exaggerated" demonstrations of bias x control would be useful as i feel its a very subtle alternation that i still dont fully appreciate or grasp the purpose of it. I'm starting to understand what it's intended to do but i'm not hearing how it affects my sound enough for it to be a useful parameter. Thanks for baring with me as i'm a bit slow on the uptake for this one. :wacko:

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You can read about this stuff and try and understand the technical aspects of what it's supposed to do, but as a guitar player, probably what's more important is how you perceive what it changes. Understanding what it does can aid your hearing by making you expect what to hear, but actually feeling what it does while playing a guitar is different. I guess what I mean is mess around with it and whatever sounds good to you, go with it.


I still have trouble with this control too, as well as bias excursion. Sometimes I prefer it one way, other times the opposite. But the effect is subtle in a lot of cases and just tinkers around the edges of a tone.


One thing I've found it useful for is getting rid of a sizzling quality in some higher gain tones by turning the bias up from the default of 50%. Turning it up or down affects the volume though, slightly. It's loudest at 50%.

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