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HD edit bug


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I am sure it has been reported.. BUT the new HD edit definitely has a bug... changing amp/cab settings no longer gives you feed back... I can't set bias or sag or resonance, say 75% cause it doesn't give the setting... just the IIIIIIII on either the right or left area as it always has.

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Line 6 released version 2.25 of hd edit (first version to have the DEP controls with no values), which corresponded to version 2.60-261 of the new firmware, and then when they released version 2.62 firmware, they also released version 2.26 of hd edit. On the download page for this version they state that it fixes certain DEP from not displaying correctly (not exact wording).


Unfortunately, the bug is still there in version 2.26.


To see the values, I guess you'll have to look at the pod's screen while editing with hd edit.

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