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Variax 700 Tremolo - Roland Ready

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you'll have a tough time getting that for it... with the JTV89's at sweetwater for 700$

but it's nice enough...

good luck.

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Yeah I saw that, but we'll see.  The sale JTV89s aren't the model with the trem either.


I've seen several of the Variax 700 series going for around $600 and the Roland Kit is $249 from Sweetwater.


That's what I'm basing my starting price of $800 plus $50 shipping on. 


I'm an electronics tech by trade, and I'm very good with my hands and tools.  After doing several of the Roland Kits I can tell you that not just anyone will be willing to tackle the install, and It would cost you another several hundred to get a luthier to install it for you.


This is a great guitar with upgrades, extras and I don't need to sell it, so I'm not giving it away.  I'm fine with keeping it as a back up to my JTV69 with the Roland Kit, but I'm fine with someone else getting some good use out of it as well.


I appreciate your comment. If you know anyone who's looking to marry the Line 6 and Roland technology please pass this on to them. I can't imagine more fun for a guitar player than having all these sounds at my hands and feet.


Live long and prosper!   \\//,

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i'm in the same boat... i have my 600 up, and people want it for free :D

i have some upgrades on it as well not the roland deal... but its nice enough and its perfect condition.

i'm also in no hurry... the sweetwater sale cant last forever! haha

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