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New to dt world help

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so i pick up a pair of DT 25 112 on a trade, i must say i was blown away buy the sound. As a long time line 6 user i know there is a learning curve, i have looked at video etc... So my first main problems are..


1. I want to be able to use mid i have updated and download what i think is the DT edit, when i plug in the pod midi to amp midi the pod goes nuts, it starts going through banks, and the tone stays on one with volume drops, and dose not sound good, the DT edit won't connect, as soon as i unplug the midi the midi the pod and amps work good,,


Am i to use just midi and not the link? How do i get the midi to work?


2. I have 2 DT 25 112 ; and want stereo, no luck the mixer will not have 1 amp pre side, and the pan dose not work, i know you can get stereo.


2 days in and can't believe how good this sounds and fast i can dial it in, this rig is going to change my life, i wish i did go trough so many amp trying to get the pod to sound good,


Now if i can just get it to work right


Thank line sixers

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nice score! the DT25's are pretty cool, I started with one of the 1x12 combos, then added a second, for stereo and dual amp models.


just to clarify, you also have an HD500?


for now, leave out the MIDI. make a blank patch. start with one amp model. put a ping pong delay after the amp model mixer section.


connect line6link from the HD500 to the first DT25. connect link from there to second DT25. in the HD500, go to the l6link settings, and make sure to assign Left to DT#1 and right to DT#2.


you should now have stereo, turn on the ping pong delay to test.


from there, if you want dual amp models, pan them left and right.


keep in mind, regardless of panning, when you have two amp models going to two DT amps, the sync behavior still assigns the typology of each amp model to each DT. the panning only impacts the signal chain, fx, preamp.


if you want two independent channels, one to each amp, put ALL fx in each amp model section BEFORE the mixer block.


I run the FX loop in stereo after that point to add post stereo effects.


with a single chain single amp model you can also do wet dry. set in the link page one DT to get the left right sum, and the other to get only the amp model. that sends before mixer block so any post effects are routed to only one amp

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If you have an HD POD I have no idea why you would use midi vs Line6 Link.  I think the Midi in the DT amps is only useful if you DON"T have a POD.

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