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Fbv Shortboard Mk2 And Spider Iv 30

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Guys, I need a bit of advice, I bought a new Spider IV 30 amp about 6 months ago and I love it. I have started to play around with tones and recently added a FBV shortboard mk2.


I plugged it in and played around with the tones that are preinstalled. The "Slipknot" tone is amazing, you just have to breath on the guitar and it howls back.


Anyway, I then wanted to see how to add tones and save them myself and that is were I have got struck. I now believe that the shortboard is really designed for the Spider 75 or above otherwise I can't add user defined tones. Is this true? I'm happy to upgrade the amp but only if there is no otherway to do so. I would rather spend £50 than £150 extra if there is a cheaper alternative.


Any guidance would be graetly appreciated.




neil \../

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You can save 4 presets on the Spider IV 30 - note that saving to one of the 4 channels (A - D) will overwrite any preset already there.   Adjust the sound to what you want, then press in one of the channel buttons and hold it for a few seconds to save the patch.

The Spider IV 75 (and higher models) allow you to save up to 64 user Patches in memory.

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