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Volume pedal doesn't cut out 100%

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Greetings Quadzilla: welcome to the forum. I do not own the xt live but I might have a fix for you. Read the section on the volume control parameters from the pod xt live manual. It is basically the last paragraph on that age. Make sure your volume setting is at zero for the heel position.


I own the pod hd 500x and it works in a similar fashion. You can control max and min volume for the pedal via software settings.


If you do get the hd500, it will take some time to get a good sound from it. You need to be the patient type.

Good luck!



Anyone else have this issue with your XT Live. Even with volume pedal all the way off I can still hear my guitar. Is this a known issue and if YES has it been corrected with the HD500 as I'm planning on upgrading.

Thank you to all who respond.

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You possibly need to calibrate your pedal. Here's how:


Q: How do I calibrate the pedal on my PODxt Live?
1. Make sure there is nothing connected to your PODxt live aside from the power cable.
2. Power up the PODxt Live while holding down the Bank Up pedal
3. Press the Amp pedal (this will reset the current settings)
4. Move the pedal all the way to the heel back position, then all the way forward until the toe switch clicks. You will want to stand up and shift all of your weight to the toe position until you see the WAH light turn on.
5. Wait 10 seconds, then power the PODxt Live off and back on again.
6. Your pedal is now calibrated.

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  • 5 years later...

Hey, it's over 5 years later but this was just what I needed. It seemed as if out of the blue my volume pedal stopped working properly. At the same time it was not communication with Gear Box. So, I did the re-calibration and the volume pedal is working great. Still, no communication with Gear Box, but I can live with that.

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