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MyTones Pick Doesn't Stick

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I have the latest Amplifi app download for my 150 model. I oppen the app, then immediately I pick a tone from my saved list of tones (Chet Atkins Lick, for example). Then I go to Now Playing, choose one of my playlists for accompanyment and get ready to practice.


Except that the Chet Atkins Lick tone I picked gets overwritten with one of the handful of Tone Matches/Similar Tones list. Every time.


If, however, without stopping the song playing, I cycle to the MyTones list again and re-+pick Chet Atkins Lick and then NOT return to the player that is showing the Tone Matches/Similar Tones list, the Chet Atkins Lick sticks.


This is a bug.

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No, it's not a bug.  Line 6 considers it a "feature".


Turn off the Auto Tone Load, in the app settings (bottom left corner of the app).  That will stop the app from automatically loading a tone from the cloud when you start playing a song.

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