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Big Thanks To Line 6's Jtv And Pod Hd500

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I know it's a support forum but I still can't help myself from giving Line 6 BIG THANKS here.


Yesterday I just took my JTV-69 (with a warmoth neck) and POD HD500 out for their first live show (a graduation celebration of a chinese school band),

I plugged the POD directly to PA and it sounded GORGEOUS.


When I played the first few notes of Hotel California (with 12 Strings Martin Model) I could just tell how convincing the tone was

just from the faces of the audience.


Then I could just step on the switches on the POD to change seamlessly from a Martin to a 12 strings Rickenbacker and then to the Humbuckers, just amazing!


Again big thanks to Line 6 staff for their genius ideas!







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