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Trouble with RF Signal using Relay G50


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Maybe someone can help me with some suggestions.


I've had a Line6 G50 Relay for about a month.   I am a bass player with a classic rock cover band.   I've played a couple gigs with the G50, and have issues with RF signal strength creating some quick intermittment dropouts.    The gig last week saw me lose signal multiple times during the 90 minute set.    I can actually see the RF signal strength lights go all the way down, and then come back.   I haven't seen any red lights.

- I'm using the supplied Line6 power supply

- I'm using new alkaline batteries with the transmitter

- Transmitter is secured to guitar strap (not in back pocket)

- I've used analog UHF systems in the past with no issues


However, I also am using a Galaxy AS1100 for my "in ear" monitors.   The overall signal from my Galaxy is NOT dropping, as the rest of the band is staying clear in my "in ears".   


My band is also running a Presonus digital mixer, and we have a wireless hotspot setup for running our own monitor mixers via Presonus apps on our mobile devices (I keep my iPhone 4S in my pocket opposite side of the G50 transmitter).


We have one guitar player who is using a Line6 G30 system.   He has a little trouble with signal strength, but doesn't seem to be having as much trouble as myself.


I'm trying to find that "sweet spot" where I can run my systems without interference (assuming it is possible).   I've been seeing some comments about "line of sight" and the G50 system, so I'm wondering how "restrictive" that concern needs to be (do I need to be right in clear sight of the antennas at all times - that doesn't seem very convenient).


I've been putting the unit on top of my combo amp (a GK MB212-II), so it is about 3ft off the ground.   The antennas have been pointing at "noon" and "6pm", as opposed to "10am" and "2pm" - could that matter?    I was told to put the receiver higher up, but I'm not coming up with a good way to accomplish this.


Currently, I'm running "channel 2" and have been trying the "RF1" signal setting  (it was originally "RF2", and I changed it per other Line6 tech suggestions on the forum).    I talked to a Line6 rep who said the lower channel were better choices, but maybe I'm conflicting with the router/hotspot at the mixer?


I know there is quite a bit here to deal with, but I keep hearing that the G50 and Line6 are the best digital wireless systems out there, so I'm thinking I just need to find the right settings.   I've been running analog wireless systems for years, and love the technology.   I've also had the Galaxy "in ear" system for almost a year, without any issues (when using my previous guitar wireless UHF system).


Definitely beginning to get a tad frustrated with my move to digital guitar wireless.   So many possible issues.


Any suggestions?    Thanks.

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The antennas should be in 10am and 2pm positions. The RF modes (RF1 and RF2) need to be same on all units that you are using. If your other G30 is in RF2 then your G50 needs to be in RF2 as well. When there are different RF modes in the same room there is going to be a problem.


Since you have a WiFi router- Is it possible switch it to 5gHZ?


Also, try to find the channels that are working best. There might be interference with WiFi or other 2.4 gHZ sources.

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I wanted to follow-up on the thread.


I tried your suggestions and changed RF mode back to RF2, and also started with channel 1.


The last 2 gigs have gone much better with next to zero issues.


Thanks for the tips and help.

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