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Toneport UX2 and iLok


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I have owned Gearbox and a Toneport UX2 for a LONG time...


Here's my question & I apologize if I've overlooked an existing answer to this:


Can I transfer my Gearbox license onto an iLok I already own so I DON'T HAVE TO USE THE UX2 all the time?  As it stands right now I MUST use the UX2 in order to use all my Gearbox tones.


Thanks for any help at all :)


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in fact you don't own pod farm or gearbox at all... the license is owned by your UX2.

and you of course own your UX2


they also no longer support the gearbox plugin... you should be able to get pod farm 1.x for free.


if you purchase a standalone pod farm 2.x license you will own it... and you won't even need an ilok to authorize it.

it can be authorized through the line6 license manager.

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I've got PodFarm 1.x installed... You think I can do what I said, use the iLok for that... this way I could use my Mbox2 instead of the UX2.  It's a nice, yet old, interface and I know my Mbox is much better quality.

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