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Spider Valve Mkii vs AX2 212 anyone?


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Here is a throwback question for any die hard line 6 fans out there...


Which would you rather have line 6's newer spider valve mkii whether it be a 112, 212 or the head


OR would you rather have a little known or maybe just forgotten AX2 212 modeling amp from the 90's..


and Why?



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  • 5 months later...

I owned and loved an AX2-212 back when it first came out - it was my primary gigging amp for years. Fantastic amp! I miss it a lot. That being said, my Spider Valve MKII 112 is in almost every respect superior. The AX2 sounded great and was more infinitely tweakable, but it also made popping noises when switching between very different amp models (and it wasn't just my specific amp). The SV MKII clearly sounds better, and despite slightly more limited functionality, I do prefer it at the end of the day.

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I own the AX2 212 and in addition I added the Spider 4x12, although it looks like a 3/4 stack of sort I only use the cabinet and not the amp speakers to maintain 8ohm per ch, I'll be changing the 212 speakers to 2x16ohm so i can wire the cabinet 8ohm and utilize all speakers without messing with the amp load too much, The features you get with the AX2 212 seems endless but i agree when switching from an overdrive channel to clean you get a swell/pop and i always have to palm mute when doing this live, I really like this amp but would be nice if there was some sort of fix for that because i really don't want to switch, plus the foot controller with seperate vol/wah pedals is great,  I think if i went to the spider valve I'd just go with the head instead of the combo since i'm already lugging around what i got the 212 combo could take a back seat for a while. will post my comparison here when that happens. Cheers.



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