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POD HD500X MIDI controller - Guitar Rig 5

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Dear musicians/technicians, 


I'm pretty new to all the programming that is required to use the Pod HD500x and I was hoping somebody could help me through the process of hooking it up as a midi-controller to Guitar Rig 5. I'm totally lost and don't have a clue where to start. This is what I have:


- Audio interface with midi in/out 

- The Pod's edit program

- Guitar Rig 5 (possibly run through Logic X..?)

How to I set this up?

Greetings Gabriel

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You're asking a lot here. If there's anyone out there (besides me) who knows how to do this they're probably thinking "Dude, RTM!"


First - "Dude, RTM!"


Second - In GR5, is your audio/midi interface set up properly in the configuration area? You play your guitar, noise comes out, the MIDI configuration tab shows your interface as "ON"?


Now what, EXACTLY, do you want to be able to do in GR5? How, EXACTLY, do you envision the POD being used to do what in GR5?


Once you can answer those questions CONCISELY, I'll be happy to help you make it happen.


GR5 has a very well done and flexible MIDI implementation (I have all the major midi-controllable amp sims), and the POD has a most flexible MIDI implementation for controlling it, but with maximum flexibility comes much complexity in the diversity of options available. I need to know your specific expectations, or this discussion could be endless.

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